English Language Programs

Australian Institute of English (AIOE) offers English Language programs in both General Proficiency English and English for Academic Purposes.

Your entry point to your individual course pathway will be based on your level of English Language proficiency. Your motivation and goals will determine which learning pathway you’ll take and how quickly you get there.

ELICOS courses and pathways at Australian Institute of English (AIOE) – CRICOS Provider No: 03479C


General Proficiency English courses are offered from Pre Intermediate to Upper Intermediate level. The courses develop communication skills by focusing on the grammar and vocabulary you will need to be able to confidently talk to friends and to work colleagues.

General Proficiency English has 3 levels.

General English (Pre Intermediate) CRICOS Course Code: 091212A Course Duration: 12 weeks
General English (Intermediate) CRICOS Course Code: 091213M Course Duration: 12 weeks
General English (Upper Intermediate) CRICOS Course Code: 091214K Course Duration: 12 weeks


Each course involves a class teacher and 20 hours of classroom activities and interaction. You will have access to online materials such as readers within your English studies. The length of each of the General Proficiency courses is 12 weeks (300 hours of 25 hours per week which includes 5 hours of self-access study per week).

Below is a sample day schedule from a morning timetable with 20 hours of classroom activities spread over 3 days. The online modules can be done after class with our Campus computers.


Time Monday (6.5 hours)
8.15-10.15 AM Face to Face English Class
10.15-10.30 AM Morning Break
10.30-12.30 PM Face to Face English Class
1.00-3.30 PM Lunch
1.00-3.30 PM Group activities/research/language lab/speaking/presentation


Time Tuesday and Wednesday (13.5 hours)
8.15-9.45 AM Face to Face English Class
9.45-10.00 AM Morning Break
10.00-12.00 PM Face to Face English Class
12.00-12.30 PM Lunch
12.30-2.30 PM Group activities/research/language lab
2.30-2.45 PM Afternoon break
2.45-4.00 PM Speaking/presentation


Assessment takes place at the end of each 6 weeks study to provide you with an opportunity to see your English language development and where you have successfully met the outcomes of the course, move towards your goal whether that is the next English Language level, vocational or tertiary study or employment.

Course Name Price
General English (Pre Intermediate) $2,900
General English (Intermediate) $2,900
General English (Upper Intermediate) $2,900