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Why Study at AIOE?

AIOE provides you with learning that gives you the skills and confidence to reach your goals.

AIOE’s broad range of program offerings, allows you create your own personal study plan. Your entry point to your individual course pathway will be based on your level of English Language proficiency and the skills and experiences you have relevant to the Qualification for which you are applying. Your motivation and goals will determine which learning pathway you’ll take and how quickly you get there.



AIOE has made me understand English and learn English better. I'm happy when I come to learn at AIOE.

Kham Phyla

AIOE has helped me. I can speak better and write better. When I have exercises I can understand a lot. I think AIOE is very good for me and my teacher is very good. Thank you AIOE for helping me.


I like the teacher at AIOE. She helps me to understand a lot about English and I can speak to the teacher one by one and that makes me happy with this school.