Cost of living

Sydney is the capital of NSW which is one of 6 states of Australia. Sydney stretches from the beaches of famous Bondi to the Blue mountains in the West.

Bordered by the ocean, sculptured by inlets and crossed by rivers Sydney is a city that is geographically beautiful, with a population that enjoys the outdoors as much as they do the restaurants, the cozy cafe’s and wine bars, and the culture and music scene.

What you enjoy doing and what you choose to do in Sydney will decide how much you spend each week on entertainment, but having an idea of the weekly living costs is good preparation if it is your first time to Sydney or even to Australia. For our international students, Australia uses an Australian dollar monetary system (AUD). It’s notes are not like the US dollar in colour or size or value so its worth while working out what a dollar or $10 or $50 of Australian money would buy you at home.

Accommodation was covered in its own section, but other living expenses are as follows and range depending on distance ( for travel) or usage ( electricity or internet) or consumption ( groceries … and internet!):

  • Groceries per week $100-300
  • Public Transport Weekly Ticket $30-$60
  • Internet and mobile phone $30-$60
  • Share in electricity for share accommodation $35-$120