BSB40120 – Certificate IV in Business

BSB40120 – Certificate IV in Business

 (CRICOS Code: 113083H)



This qualification reflects the role of individuals in a variety of Business Services job roles. These individuals may have supervisory performance accountabilities.

Individuals in these roles carry out a mix of specialist and moderately complex administrative or operational tasks that require self-development skills. They use well-developed skills and a broad knowledge base to apply solutions to a defined range of unpredictable problems and analyse information from a variety of sources. They may provide leadership and guidance to others with some limited responsibility for the output of others.

Licensing/Regulatory Information

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.

Target groups for the BSB40120 Certificate IV in Business are international students who are:

  • Seeking to pursue a career as in business
  • Seeking to enter a new industry sector
  • Seeking a pathway to higher-level qualifications.

Characteristics of the target group are as follows:

Students will be from a range of countries and may be living in Australia for the first time or may have been here in the recent or more distant past.

Many will speak English as a second language, although an entry level has been set to ensure students are able to complete course work.

Students are expected to typically fall into the age range of 18 – 35 as people still establishing or changing careers.

Credit and/or RPL can also be provided for those with existing skills and knowledge allowing such students to complete the course in a shorter timeframe.

 Career Outcomes

Potential employment options are in business roles in a range of industry areas.

 Course Duration

This qualification will be delivered over 78 weeks, including 60 weeks of training and assessment spread over 6 terms and 18 weeks of holidays. The college offers two intakes per year, the details is shown as follows:

  • The first intake will commence in January.
  • The second intake will commence in July.

 Delivery Method

A face-to-face training is employed for this qualification. All classroom-based training will take place at Australian Institute of Entrepreneurs training facilities.

The structured classroom-based training is at least 20 hours per week. The structured self-study component of this course amounts to 10 hours a week. Students are provided with access to self-study guide for completion of a range of activities. The estimated time to complete activities is documented in the guide for each unit. This is a mandatory component of a student’s study and student’s attendance, and participation will be monitored.

Units of competency are delivered individually.

Students will be provided their learning and assessment materials that they will use to develop their knowledge and understanding. All students will be provided with a range of learning support options and resources to help them achieve competency.

Education Pathways

Students who complete this course may wish to continue their education into the BSB50120 Diploma of Business or into a range of other Diploma level qualifications.


Level 13 338 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000

 Course Details


International students must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age and have completed Year 12 or equivalent.
  • Participate in a course entry interview to determine suitability for the course and the student needs.
  • Have an IETLS* score of 5.5 (test results must be no more than 2 years old). English language competence can be also be demonstrated through documented evidence of any of the following:
    • Educated for 5 years in an English-speaking country; or
    • Successful completion of an English Placement Test

*Note that other English language tests such as PTE and TOEFL can be accepted. Students are required to provide their results so that it can be confirmed they are equivalent to IELTS 5.5.

If the students do not meet the requirements for the above English Language proficiency. they are required to attend English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) courses first. (Please refer to Student Enrolment and Completion Policy and Associated Procedures for placing students in a class that is appropriate to their current language proficiency level, learning goal and needs).


Six (6) core units and six (6) elective units are required for the award of the BSB40120 Certificate IV in Business.

Units have been selected in accordance with the packaging  rules  and  are  relevant  to  the  work  outcome,  local industry requirements and qualification level.

The latest release of the qualification and packaging rules can be found at the following link:


Code Unit Title Type
BSBCRT411 Apply critical thinking to work practices Core
BSBTEC404 Use digital technologies to collaborate in a work environment Core
BSBTWK401 Build and maintain business relationships Core
BSBWHS411 Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs Core
BSBWRT411 Write complex documents Core
BSBXCM401 Apply communication strategies in the workplace Core
BSBPEF402 Develop personal work priorities Elective
BSBPEF502 Develop and use emotional intelligence Elective
BSBOPS405 Organise business meetings Elective
BSBPMG430 Undertake project work Elective
BSBTEC401 Design and produce complex text documents Elective
BSBTEC402 Design and produce complex spreadsheets Elective


Assessment: a take-home assessment in which students must conduct their own research and complete the required tasks in the learner workbook or materials provided. It is also the time for students to prepare for practical assessment activities. During this self-study assessment period, students work on their assessments.

Reading: time allocated for students to review learning resources, perform supplementary learning assignments (such reading articles, newspaper , or journals), and conduct research on the UoCs (Not include reading in the assessment tasks). This is the recommended number of hours that students should spend studying on their own. Students use their learning time during this reading and self-study hour.

Classroom-based Training:

Trainers may assign additional case studies or in-class exercises that require students to use knowledge and abilities that were like those needed for the assessment tasks. Students receive instruction in the UoCs’ theoretical and practical components in a classroom setting. To Ensure that pupils grasp expectations, this session’s goals are to complete group discussions, presentations, roleplays, and practical exercises that required direct observation from instructors or assessors, as well as to ensure that students can apply the same knowledge to various contexts.


All students will be provided with a range of learning support options and resources to help them achieve competency. Where additional support needs have been identified an Individual Support Plan will be developed which may include:

  • Mentoring from trainers
  • Additional classes, tutorials and workshops
  • Online support and exercises for some courses
  • Computer and technology support
  • Referral to external support services
  • Reasonable adjustment to assessments

Provision of additional support services will be provided where necessary to enable students to participate in the same way as any other person regardless of whether support services have been required.

Australian Institute of Entrepreneurs will provide additional support for any  students experiencing:

    • Disability and access issues;
    • Language barriers;
    • Language, literacy and numeracy issues;
    • Employment issues; and/or any other issues that may affect their ability to achieve their training goals.

There are assessment tasks that will be conducted individually and or in groups.  Each unit of competency includes:

  • A full description of all assessment tasks for the unit of competency
  • Assessment instructions for each unit of competency
  • Assessment resources for each unit of competency
  • Details about when assessment will occur
  • Details about assessment submission

There are a variety of assessment methods used for this qualification including:

  • Written questions
  • Projects
  • Case studies
  • Role Plays
  • Research
  • Reports

You will be required to complete assessments in class and there may be a need for some work to be done during the online hours allocated.

You will be advised by your trainer and assessor about the assessment requirements for each unit at the commencement of delivery for that unit. Submission of assessment tasks may be handed in person to your trainer and assessor or electronically.

 Credit Transfer

Credit transfer is a formal recognition of previous studies and can help to reduce the duration of your course, as well as fees. You may apply for a credit transfer for a complete unit or modules within a unit. There is no charge to apply for a credit transfer, but you need to let us know that you want to apply for this on your application for enrolment form in the relevant section. You will need to provide a certified copy of your certificate either issued by another education provider or an authenticated VET transcript issued by the USI Registrar.

*We will inform you in writing of any reduced course duration and fees due to credit transfer and RPL and issue your CoE for the reduced duration of the course.

 Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process where skills and knowledge that you have gained through work and life experience and other unrecognised training can be formally recognised. You need to let us know that you want to apply for RPL at the time of application by indicating this on the application for enrolment form in the relevant section. There is a charge for RPL and this can be viewed in the Fees and Refunds section of student handbook. RPL can also reduce your course duration and fees.

*We will inform you in writing of any reduced course duration and fees due to credit transfer and RPL and issue your CoE for the reduced duration of the course.


The costs for this course are as follows:

Total Tuition fees: AUD$11,700 inclusive of non-refundable enrolment fee of $200 payable on application.

Nationally Recognised Training does not occur GST.

Students will only be eligible to receive their qualification if fees have been paid in full and all course requirements have been met.

*Please refer to your Student Handbook for our Fees and Refunds Policy.

additional non-tuition fees: See the following section on additional fees.

A detailed payment plan and payment arrangements are provided in the Letter of Offer and Written Agreement. Non-payment of course fees may result in cancellation of enrolment. Further details about payment terms and conditions are included in our Student Handbook which can be emailed to you or viewed on our web site.

Note that total course fees may be reduced to account for the number of units undertaken via RPL or where Course Credit has been granted or if a discount is applied.

Unless otherwise specified, tuition fees include all the training and assessment as well as required resources and textbooks for students to achieve the qualification or course in which they are enrolling.

  • Material fee $200

Additional fees may apply as follows:

  • Additional copies of a student’s qualification/record of results and/or statement of attainment. A cost of $50.00 per document applies and $10.00 if express post is required.
  • Additional copies of textbooks or any other learning and assessment. A fee of $100.00per text book or $20.00 per printed document applies if required.
  • Where a student does not achieve a “competent” outcome, the student will be allowed two reassessment attempts after which if competency is not achieved, the student will be required to re-enrol into the unit or units in which the student has been deemed not yet competent. The student will be charged $500 per unit of competency. Additional non-tuition fee that may apply:
RE-assessment of study outcomes $220.00
Deferral of study $220.00
Late payment of tuition fees $220.00
RE-issuance of COE $220.00
Student ID reprinting $60.00
Reprinting of Certificate $10.00

Other costs (not included) to be aware of:

  • Notebooks/pens/laptops* or other general stationery required for students to complete their work.

*A note about computers: Many homework and assessment tasks require access to a computer and the internet and therefore it is recommended students bring or purchase a laptop if possible.

If students don’t have their own PC/Laptop, they can use the college computer facilities. It is optional for students to bring a laptop to class – some students may choose to do so to keep their notes organised, but all the college classrooms have computers for students to use during class sessions or at other times for online learning/support.


Labour Market Information
Destination After Training (of all graduates)

 How to Apply

If you would like to enrol into the BSB40120 Certificate IV in Business, please contact our office to obtain an Enrolment Form.

Phone: 02 8046 6445


Please fill out all sections in the Student Enrolment Form and return to:

Post:  Level 13 338 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000

Once we receive your completed forms we will contact you to arrange an entry interview.