Australia is an island – a very large island – with the majority of its population living in its capital cities or around its coastal fringes. Our population is growing but when considered against the large land mass of Australia it is relatively small at 22 million people. It is because of how we live and where we live that accommodation costs can vary – whether between states or within the same city.

It is this variety of accommodation and lifestyle that makes Australia such an exciting destination

Find a flatmate or share with friends and your rent for an apartment or house could be $90-$250. Check out to see the cost of different suburbs.

Live with a host family and get Bed and part board for $250-$350 a week. Your host family will make those first few weeks welcoming and they’ll show you all the tricks of how to get around the city and the best places to shop and have fun. Guesthouses or boarding rooms are cheaper at $120-$290 and you share kitchen facilities and sometimes bathroom facilities with others residents